The products and services offered by each and every company varies. We perfectly understand that, which is why the professionals in Marketing Biz are efficient in catering to every requirement in the most cost effective and timely manner. 
 So if you wish to discuss your project with us and want us to start immediately, please check out our services given below or contact Marketing Biz by clicking here.
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Social media is evolving in rocket speed. By leveraging the endless opportunities of social media, Marketing Biz will help your business get the attention it deserves by identifying and advertising to the perfect audience. With more than 2B active social media accounts we will take over all your new and existing accounts across any channels for one month. During this time, we will work hard to create all your content, engage with users, increase your audience organically, and build a strong loyal marketable community. In order to improve your reach, we also include two promotional posts. 
Do you have some exciting news to announce? Are you looking for some influential coverage or rave reviews about your game or product? No worries, we got it all covered! Marketing Biz will help you create a newsworthy press release and distribute it to a targeted list of contacts, which includes the national press, mainstream media, specialist sites and influencers within the industry.
Another important service offered by Marketing Biz is assisting you with B2C/B2B events or even organising your very own launch party, no matter how big it may be. We will handle everything related to the event from all the paperwork to arranging appointments with journalists. We can even send one to two staff members along to the event. (Please note that the event, accommodation and travel expenses are payable separately)
We are experts in taking advantage of a good design ad campaign, pay-per-click model, SEO enhancements or even creating strong blog content and use it for the benefit of your business. Our staff, with their extensive industry knowledge will make use of the most sophisticated marketing tools to analyze the influencing factors that encourages more visitors and clicks to your website We will monitor the cost of your campaign constantly for 30 days. Cost includes set up, content creation and weekly or monthly reports. (Ad spend payable separately) 
The design of your website and its content plays a crucial role in attracting potential customers and increasing your revenue. Whether you want to rebrand, create a website, video trailer, banners, or some visually catchy assets, we have the best expertise to help and cater to your creative needs.
Looking for Brand Ambassadors or online affiliates to drive traffic to your website or increase sales? We got you covered! We have a database of industry focused contacts who can help support you with getting word out there about your product or brand. 
We offer you a two hrs consultation with one of our experienced marketing specialists, who recommends the best practices and a fully comprehensive plan to market your products or services. 
This package involves a bespoke marketing plan and management for delivering a successful campaign in the most cost effective way. Additionally, we also offer a dedicated account manager and weekly/monthly reports. Prices may vary depending on the services you require and we will try our very best to work around your budget. If you are interested, please contact us for a quote!
If any of the above mentioned options interests you, we can tailor a discounted package to provide services that cater to your requirements. To know more about this package, please contact us. 
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