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What we offer

Renowned as game changers in delivering exceptional Marketing and PR services worldwide.

Marketing and PR strategies have come a long way from the traditional methods like print advertising, television and radio. Today digital marketing has become the new buzz in the marketing field. With reduced cost, real time results, brand development and greater exposure, as some of the numerous benefits, marketing tools and PR techniques provide business owners with the best opportunities to survive, compete and succeed in their businesses.

 Whether you are an indie developer, publisher, creative studio or simply a business in the Video Games and Entertainment space of any size, you need the right marketing partner to help get word out about your product(s) and business to prospective customers.  We, at Marketing Biz can do just that! Our experienced team of specialists have worked on big brands such as; Disney, PlayStation, Bethesda to name a few, as well support smaller clients from Bossmouth, Forest Studio and Fragmatix,  by offering bespoke Marketing and PR solutions that will help them improve and optimise their chance for success on a particular product or game.

Marketing Biz offers specific services that we know we can excel in from consultancy to supporting product launches to providing various impromptu marketing services including creative design, digital marketing, social media management, events and PR. We make sure to provide you with a tailor made package that will help you get noticed effectively in this high competitive field, so that you can successfully achieve the results you are seeking for.

We take pride in our 100% feedback rate, so we work on a money back guarantee policy should we not deliver on the promises we make. (Yes, we're THAT confident) 

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  What we've delivered 

  We grew Bossmouth social channels by 200% within the first week!

We secured coverage for Forest Studio's most recent release worldwide from outlets such as; PlayStation, Kotaku, Eurogamer and IGN. ( An estimated reach of over 10M)

We invested £250 on a PPC campaign for a client and generated over £4000 sales.

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